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Genenerator Hire Charges

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Rental/Hire Generators

Our extensive fleet of rental generators offer a modern, robust range of generating sets from 20kVA - 2000kVA, specifically designed for a variety of rental applications.

We work closely with FG Wilson and Bruno as part of an ongoing process to ensure continuous improvement, and to respond to the changing needs of our customers.

Fuel Management
We know the importance of keeping a site/project running at all times, so we offer a dedicated fuel management system that is run in-house.  

Our teams will measure your fuel consumption effectively with the added benefit of ongoing checks.  Our checks will monitor your power needs and, should they increase or fall, we will offer advice accordingly.

Having our own specialised fleet of vehicles enables us to control deliveries and offer a 24/7 emergency refuelling service.

Regardless of where your generator or tank is sited (within reason) we have the solution for accessible deliveries, keeping your project fuelled and removing any unnecessary costs due to running out of fuel.


Utilising the latest Deep Sea control modules on our synchronising generators enables us to provide an intelligent control system for up to 32 gen-sets. Offering configurable inputs and outputs to allow remote monitoring, data logging, generator load demand, sequential start and paralleling, ensures the optimal power solution for each application.

We hold a vast variety of distribution boards.  Suitable for all industries.  From the traditional black boxes, to our very  own designed GEK light weight orange boxes.  We supply metal site boxes that are robust and come with many changeable connections to suit your power requirements.  From 16amp to 3200amp in house availability

Acoustic Barriers
The solution to noise reduction on site. When noise is generated on site, the Acoustic barrier membrane will absorb and reduce the degree of noise pollution. The barriers are lightweight and flexible, allowing for a simple and easy installation.

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