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Replacement Alternators


Trade & multiple order discounts available, ask for more details


Meccalte are a worldwide group providing alternator solutions, manufacturing in Italy, the UK, China and India.


Each facility is concentrated on the production of world-class alternators, with complete manufacturing in Mecc Alte SpA and Mecc Alte Power Products in Italy (1 – 5,000kVA), Mecc Alte UK in Great Britain (1 – 3,000kVA), Mecc Alte Haimen in China (7.5 – 3,000kVA) and Mecc Alte India in Pune India (6.5 – 750kVA).


This network of factories is additionally supported by wholly-owned subsidiaries

based in Australia, France, Germany, Singapore, Spain and the USA who

specialise locally in the sales, distribution and aftersales for all Mecc Alte's

alternator solutions.


Meccalte have a vertically integrated production structure and control

everything they do from the lamination die manufacturing right through to the final electronics.

Meccalte continue to believe that their employees are their most important asset: professional, skilled, experienced and committed, they remain the critical reason for their success.


Meccalte products are so successful due to their high quality and reliability.

Meccalte employ over 1,200 people throughout the world and invest heavily into their ongoing training program to ensure that they are able to make a significant, ongoing contribution to their expansion.

For more information on products and pricing, contact us on: 01743 440033

Denro Power Services offer a replacement alternator service, so feel free to contact us by email: for a price, availalbilty and timescale to carry out the work required. 

Denro Power Services also hold dealerships with Leroy-Somer, Newage-Stamford.


What is a generator alternator?

A generator alternator is the heart of the generator. The alternator also referred to as

genhead’ is that part of a generator that produces electrical energy from the mechanical

energy supplied to it by the engine.

An alternator comprises a stator -- a stationary component -- and a rotor -- a moving component.

When both the components work together a relative movement between the magnetic and

electric fields is generated which in turn produces electricity.

How does a generator alternator work?

The generator alternator works on the principle of electromagnetic induction.

According to this principle, when in the presence of a magnetic field an electrical conductor

such as a wire containing electric charges is moved, it results in a voltage difference

between the two ends of the electrical conductor which causes the movement of electric

charges through the wire, thereby generating electricity.

A generator alternator contains an assembly of both moving and stationary components encased in a protective housing.

The stationary part of the alternator, also known as ‘stator’ is a set of wires, or electrical conductors wound in coils over an iron core.

The rotor also known as the armature is the movable part of the alternator that produces the rotating magnetic field in three different ways.

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